Katie Coppens

Katie Coppens writes both fiction and nonfiction for children. Katie’s background as a middle school science and English teacher has a great influence on her writing.

Katie's chapter book series The Acadia Files (Tilbury House) is set over four seasons and teaches science through the curiosity of fictional 5th grader Acadia Greene. Katie Coppens was a finalist for the 2020 Maine Literary Award for young people's literature for The Acadia Files: Winter Science. She also has a two book series, Geology is a Piece of Cake and Geometry is as Easy as Pie (Tumblehome Learning), that uses cooking to teach science and math. Her newest book is What Do Black Holes Eat For Dinner? And Other Silly, Yet Totally Smart, Questions About Space (Tumblehome Learning), which is co-authored by Dr. Grant Tremblay. Katie writes a column for NSTA's Science Scopemagazine on strategies to integrate science and literacy and is the author of NSTA's Creative Writing in Science: Activities that Inspire.

Katie lives in Maine with her husband and two children.

Katie Coppen's video presentation goes live at 10:00 a.m. on September 26, and is about 13 minutes long.